Small loans of 1000 USD for freelancers.

The workers called ” freelancers ” (also known as self-employed) unlike the typical employee who usually has a job as a subordinate to a company, usually carry out individual professions (often manual and craft) and have the obligation to open a VAT number.

Since all banks need some guarantees to grant loans (such as a continuous income guaranteed by the receipt of a paycheck or an old-age pension) to be sure that applicants can then repay the amount received and interests, the category of freelancers often has many difficulties in receiving extra credit, but, although difficult, this is not entirely impossible. In fact, there are banking and credit institutions that have decided to provide loans dedicated to this category of workers, applying for example the method of transferring the fifth and the special conditions dedicated to them.

Thousand USD loans for freelancers 

Thousand euro loans for freelancers with Kredici! and Figenpa

Choosing the loans of the credit company! All freelancers, self-employed workers, artisans, domestic workers or carers who enjoy a regular and regular employment contract, have the opportunity to receive extra credit both for a minimum amount such as $ 1,000 but also of a larger amount in order to meet expenses of any kind. Funding for dedicated to freelancers they are simple to apply for and obtain, you can apply for credit either directly online from your own home stomer’s needs.

The monthly installments to be repaid are very convenient and advantageous, in fact, the loan applicant can decide to postpone or skip installments or to compensate all the amount due in advance by paying a large installment without having to pay penalties or additional costs. 

Even the financial group offers personal loans to all freelancers and self-employed workers, from a minimum of 1,000 up to a maximum of 50,000 USD without the need to provide the purpose of the request, the delivery times are extremely fast and the interest rates that are applied are very affordable.

Loans for freelancers 

Loans for freelancers with Compass and Unicredit: offers compared

All freelancers and self-employed workers, both Italian and foreign, residing necessarily on the Italian territory, can apply for and obtain a personal loan. They must be aged from a minimum of 18 to a maximum of 70 years. Small amounts such as 1,000 USD up to 50,000 USD can be received and the amortization plan provides for very flexible and fixed installments, tailored to the customer’s economic needs.

To apply for this loan, it is necessary to provide the lending institution with some essential documents such as a valid identity document (identity card, passport, driving license), your tax code or health card and finally the last single model received. Let’s talk about the autonomous loans offered by Good Bank offered to self-employed workers, freelancers and craftsmen.

These are very interesting and advantageous personal loans, from 1,000 to 80,000 USD, with a low and fixed rate for the entire duration of the amortization plan and very comfortable monthly installments that can be postponed or skipped without paying penalties and additional costs.


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