Paying off debt and dreaming again is possible

Learn the story of Antonio, who spent most of his monthly income on debt repayments and now, with Lite-credit credit, breathes a sigh of relief to have dreams and realize his plans.

That debts with very high interest turn into a snowball without us realizing you should already know. So how is it possible to resume the peace and sleep nights with so much interest, installments and watching your money go away?

We have already explained here on our blog how the Lite-credit loan is ideal for paying off expensive debts and dreaming again.

The story of debt

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Today we tell you the story of Antonio, who contracted the Lite-credit Real Estate Credit and managed to overcome a difficult situation.

Antonio Garma, 35, works as an insurance broker in Bragança Paulista, São Paulo countryside. In recent years, he has accumulated some debts with his father. They made personal loans to settle some commitments, but when they recalculated, they got a big scare. “We committed almost 5,000 reais every month just with the payment of debt, now we have just over $ 1,900, less than half, is quite a relief, so now we can make new plans again”

“To give you an idea, the $ 20,000 loan I had, if I kept paying off all the missing installments, would come to a total of $ 108,000. It’s an abuse, something we don’t imagine, but that was disrupting our lives a lot, ”says Antonio.

As Antonio works in the financial market and already knew the Property Guaranteed Credit , he took the idea to his father, Marco Silva, 58, who works with Construction in Valinhos, also in São Paulo, where he lives in the property. that turned out to be the collateral of the loan. “I explained to him about this possibility because the rate is cheaper and the value of the parcel gets lighter .

Started searching and soon found Lite-credit

Antonio also simulated the loan at other institutions and at the bank where he already has an account. “What caught my attention at Lite-credit was the speed of the process, the registration approval was super fast, ” he explains. In addition, other financiers were making it difficult to accept the property as collateral because it was not endorsed, which was more flexible at Lite-credit.

“Anabelle [Sena, Lite-credit Credit Advisor] was very polite and very helpful from the start. I realized that her service goes beyond commission, the sale, was very human above all, ”he says. He also points out the importance of the follow-up he had, with the consultant informing all the steps , which involved leaving the property documentation up to date.

Approvals and drafts of the contract.

Smiling businesswoman sitting in the office and reading reports while using computer.

After the process and the release of money, Antonio had an advantage in negotiating the debts he had, because with the money available to make the payment in cash, got a considerable discount. “We committed almost 5,000 reais every month just with the payment of debt, now we are just over $ 1,900, less than half, is quite a relief , so now we can make new plans again.”

Among these plans, two are already more structured to get out of paper. Antonio intends to structure a service provider to serve insurance brokers. He also wants to realize an old dream of his father: open a candy distributor. “This is already a project we were trying to accomplish, but with such debt we couldn’t focus to make it happen. Now that we are calmer, it will leave, ”he adds.

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